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Yoda in egg tempera

Yoda, who is the Jedi Knight and Sensei in the Star Wars movies is a fascination. There is a whole generation of American children who learned about spirituality through the teachings of Yoda. Trey Parker, creator of South Park, told Terry Gross, "I grew up with the religion basically of `Star Wars,'.. When `Star Wars' came along, I just saw, oh, there is something bigger out there. There is this thing called The Force, and you want to be on the light side of it or the dark side of it". In the 80's I found a plastic Yoda figurine, and have kept him in my home, among my things, ever since. The paintings are portraits of this Yoda statue.
Jadeite Yoda
Magic Yoda
Magnolia Yoda
Mid-Century Yoda
Nesting Yoda
Yoda in a Cup
Yoda in a Teacup
Yoda in Spring
Yoda in two cups
Yoda with Halo

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